About Custom Modular

About Us

High quality, luxurious and affordable modular construction is all we do. With a team of dedicated experts across all fields or manufacturing, design, distribution and installation, our team is comprised of the best in the industry to ensure that your project goes off exactly to plan, regardless of if you have a 150 Square Foot small cottage with us or a 25-unit retirement home complex, our team of seasoned industry veterans will be there to guide you through the entire experience.

Our journey into being a world leader in high quality luxurious and affordable modular housing began over 10 years ago as our sister company (Custom Mobile Kitchens) began seeing a growing need for this in the world. After over six years of Research and Development and market testing, we came up with what is now our beautiful, high end and luxurious modular homes that we are proud to present to you today. Countless hours of engineering, design and development was put in these to ensure high quality, comfortable, sustainable living for anyone.

People ask: “is this really turnkey?”

We offer turnkey modular building solutions for almost every application. We offer our industry unique “move in ready” houses which offers you your home/cottage/in law suite entirely furnished and ready to go for a fraction of the cost and time from sourcing all these yourself while having the peace of mind of knowing that they are designer selected and inspired as impeccably sourced from only the best suppliers.  Choose from our many stock units or customize your unit down to the linens on the bed.

Why choose a modular home/structure?

The reasons are obvious but to set a few examples: